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About Steven de Groot Design Solutions

Hi, although we have been working on websites and computers for a couple of years, as of 1 January 2018 we are officially registered as a company.

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We now have a number of websites in our portfolio and we expect that we may expand this soon. Here you can get an idea of ​​what we have done so far. In addition to developing your website, we are also happy to advise you on: Hosting, WordPress, online forms, security, online payment options, blogs, forums, newsletters, customer data.

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Our graphic services

Graphics and design

When designing a nice website it is of course important to take special care of the images. Web design and graphic design go hand in hand. It is important for you to know that we know our way around well and that we can provide you with different types of images, brochures, fonts and logos, optimized for your website and/or printing needs

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In addition to designing websites, we also offer our Data Services. When offering your services online, you naturally want your data to be processed correctly. In addition, more is possible with data. It can even be seen as a new raw material that can be used for different purposes.

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Website and Data


Good management is different for every client, because everyone has slightly different wishes. In principle, we are in favor of making you as independent as possible. We are happy to teach you how you can manage your website and online services yourself. If you do not have the time and / or interest in it, we will gladly take it over from you.


If you have a business and you provide online services, you will be dealing with large amounts of data. Hereby it is important that the information from your site ends up on your desktop.


Often a lot of time is wasted at the design stage, purely to look for the right format. The better the communication, the smaller the chance that this will happen. That is why feedback is essential.

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Here you can read various reports about our online activities

Now it's official!

I actually wanted to register my company at the Chamber of Commerce as of January 1. I had an appointment today (2018 December 19) to make that happen. […]

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Security certificate

Nowadays the internet is no longer what it has been. You hear so many stories about large companies being hacked, with the personal data of millions falling into the hands of criminals. This[…]

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In the beginning….

Hi, I have been working on HBO Big Data at the LOI for a few weeks now. It is really great fun for me, because I combine statistics with computer skills. The[…]

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